Many Police Departments have to dedicate at least one employee for managing body camera (and in-cruiser) videos while others may not manage their videos at all. In either manner, the process will and can be costly. By hiring an external party to manage the videos, Police Departments can focus on the essential police operations.

Features include:

Policies & Procedures

2-Key Accountability System

Body-Worn Camera Solution

Video Management

Unlimited Storage

Description & Details for Each Video

Reports & Analyses for Command

Recently, Police Departments have been scrutinized for lack of accountability within their sworn staff. As a third party, REPS can help departments get ahead of the game by ensuring there is no video tampering in accordance to policies and procedures (See right for more details). The 2-Key Accountability System ensures that the actions of either the police department or REPS does not affect the integrity of the videos documented while officers are in the field. This helps protect both the officers and the public.

Policies and Procedures lay the foundation for operations to run properly and smoothly in departments. Many Police Departments struggle with the development and implementation of new body-worn camera policies and procedures. REPS provides assistance through this service, and caters the policies and procedures based on various factors about the department, including but not limited to, its size, community type (suburban, urban), and its organizational structure.

Body-Worn Camera Solution (BWCS)