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REPS, Inc. created the Live Public Safety (LPS) Camera System to meet a demand within the First Responders’ community. According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), many camera systems are purchased without the existence of an infrastructure to accommodate the full benefits of such systems; consequently, it becomes quite difficult to maintain and manage videos. The LPS Camera System is a complete operational infrastructure provided as a service through contractual agreements. This service includes various features that meet the demands of most police departments and accommodates their budget-type operations. Among these features:

                • On-site equipment installation and replacement, as well as technical support;

                • Customizable to meet agencies’ policies and procedures;

                • Compliant with the ACLU and IACP recommendations.



Reports & Analysis

Video Management

Based on IACP & ACLU's recommendations

Protects the privacy of the officers & the public



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Live Public Safety Camera System (LPS)