Customized Security Solutions is used by our commercial and government clients for monitoring their buildings and infrastructure. Cameras are placed strategically to cover all areas and videos can be provided for evidence in the event of criminal activity. This professional service provides the IT assistance as well as the acquisition of products needed to create your security solution.

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The development process includes the following steps:

Step 1:

Security Survey

Step 2:

Needs Determination

Step 3:

Security System Design

Step 4:

Product Selection and Acquisition

Step 5:

Hardware Deployment

Step 6:

System Testing and Customization

Step 7:

Implementation of Monitoring Capabilities

Step 8:

Notification Testing


Getting alerted about the activity can help put your mind at ease. Alerting options include:

- Motion Detection

- Mobile Alerts

- Security Staff

Equipment Management

REPS offers CSS as an affordable service because having security cameras can get expensive or even become a wasted invesment if not maintained.

We want you to have the resources to keep your and your organization safe. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive security solution that is within your budget. We believe in great customer care so you'll never feel lost with your security concerns again.

REPS will assist with the process of selecting cameras then installing them. We will find the best cameras that will fit the budget.

Even better, REPS offers free replacement and maintenance on cameras through our service agreement. You'll never need to worry about capturing quality videos again for your needs.

It's a Service!

About CSS

Customized Security Solutions (CSS)